Monday, August 15, 2016

btw. im into this now. a lot of rave on this game, so i though of doing some research, haha. now im in too deep. hope not for long (cross fingers)
well well well... my beloved reader (is there any?) hahaha

last weekend, 13.08.16, i have actually successful in garnering strength to hike again after about 6 month hiatus (i am not sure if it is a correct term .. haha again). i manage to call up my long lost hiking friend Syamil Samli, which i havent seen in years to be my buddy for this hike. so, in a short span of time, no discussion, we opt to hike mount bunga buah, because of the location and it is amongst the easiest mountain to climb. (or is it so? jeng je jeng), maybe that is what Syamil thought. haha, sori mil, but that is one of the best moment.

so, the journey begins. i got up early that morning, jogs for 8.75km, and only then i rode to Gohtong Jaya to meet up with Syamil. from now on i abbreviated Syamil's as SS. with almost empty tank, i stopped at shell. first omen that something is going to turn ugly is that, my pant tore when i was about to unmounted the motorbike. man, that was a tragedy. it  tore right between the two thighs area. what luck.

halfway through the highway, came a downpour. yes, that is great, the road is slippery, visibility reduced and all other cars lorry's will slow down. just great. but, Alhamdullilah, i safely arrived in Gohtong at 9.30am. after quick breakfast at the only mamak shop there, Esfan Restoran, (Expensive, mind you). we start looking for the starting point. after 6 years, the starting point which is through private agriculture lands has been closed by fences 2 metres high. what a bummer. after wasting 30 minutes in search of entry point, we just enter the forest through some route at the corner of the shop houses besides a small Buddhist shrine.

and u know what? we lost the trail, because actually the trail we were following is to water catchment area for the shop houses usage below. and after that.. walla, we were puzzled. but because i do not want to waste my precious Saturday going back to KL without conquering GBB, we persisted on. and through what route? i made my own. haha. using parangs, i slashed the undergrowth for a good 30-40 minutes. climbing a very steep hillside,  we finally arrived at the old tar road, which should be the starting point in the first place. Alhamdullilah.

the trail after that is just one way, easy. twe hike for 2-3 hours, and we reached the summit by 2.35pm. after eaten lunch and Zohor prayer, we started descending.and here is where the pain starts. SS have injured the back of his knee, he felt sharp pain inside his knee, so he cannot bend his left knee well. because of his slow pace and we are following a different trail down (we follow some 42 hikers we met along the way), we reach the starting point at about 7.10pm. way past my intended ETA. really had been a long journey, and once again as a reminder, never again come unprepared. well, i will upload some photos just to safe keep it. see u any other time fellas! bye

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

assalamualaikum and hi to all..

it has been soooo long since my last post. i am lucky this account is still accesible, as this is a piece of myself here on the net. out of laziness, i wont use punctuation, capitalizing letters and so on. haha. really not interested in stopping my typing to correct that. apologies to u, if ever i have a reader here.. hahaha..

well, since the last post in 2011, a lot has happened, and i really meant that. people come and go in my lives, how my world changed over than 360 degrees, and so much more... i really have lots of thing to type down, as i want the memories to still remains, even it is not so fond to me. but in all, i can tell u one thing, i still in love with nature, although i have not hike as much as before. 

moving forward, apart from the things that i will share here on my future endeavours and recent happenings, i will also updated pieces of my life in this 5 year period, 2011 to 2016. it is crucial, as i want to have somewhere where i can deposit and store my memories, if i ever need to recall and reminisce all this. haha. well. gotta go. i update later, promise, let see if i can find an apps to link this blog to my phone. easier that way. before i end this, i am really am thankful to Allah for all that He has given to me, really i am nothing without Him. Allahuakbar, may the contents of this blog will be worthwhile to us all. assalamualaikum>