Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bukit Tabur


then... this little mole hill came into the picture. there are six of us i think, me, zaim, fitri, zam, zul and naim.. naim and zam became guider bcoz they have explored this hill not so long before, maybe a fortnight's back. the hike was actually pretty easy, and not to stamina demanding. for me, who are still green in hiking, it is still a tough job considering that the track's just went uphill from the start.. but the agony and pain. ( a little hyperbolic, haha) slowly fade away as the hill offered us a very beautiful scenery every once in a while.. what a beautiful view! i was even more amazed with high lands and the my love for mountain became inevitable.. haha.. hyperbolic again.. anyway.. the hill did have many peaks, and after an hour or so.. we finally reached the end of the road. the hill is very bounteous, it is equipped with soft and thick moss at its floor... looking just like a bed! after having a very quick meal ( gardenia and Kaya, if i'm not mistaken), i slowly dozed off in the comfort of a luxurious bed, if i may say it, a gift from Him. after having that quick nap, taking a few shots, we descend the mountain with a heart full of pleasure.  the descend took us another 30 minutes. another Hill have been conquered! yay!!