Friday, December 10, 2010

first uphill hike

it all began here i think.. 18/04/2010. i went up Broga Hill in Semenyih, Selangor with may friend zul, sabtu, pojan and another zul's friend.. this is my first hike, and we went up in the early morning, exactly around 430a.m! im not into uphil hiking up untill this night.. what an experience it is. as i am a not-so-heavy smoker and not a fitness enthusiasts, this is a deadly hike.. haha.. for first timers, the breathing and pace is all mixed up.. i became breathless not even half the way.. i thought of how stupid of me was to follow them which is all very fit indeed. to avoid from losing my face to them, which they too are also a smoker themselves, i push it to the limit and after about 50 minutes of dragging my feet up.. we finally reach its peak.. it is still dark.. but as the sun's first peek into the horizon, it all seem's to unfold a very heavenly sight. and that is when i fall in love with mountain climbing... the nature and God's creation that I can see, feel and experience is speechless, the feeling of being succeeded in conquering something in such short time is the greatest feeling of all.. it is such an addictive experience that i began loving reaching a mountain's peak more and more.. i love it!!


  1. same with me lorh.. i'm very like hiking.. myb we can join together in any xpdtion somedays=)

  2. no problemla cik yana.. klau minat sungguh.. blehla join kami.. Geng Slide Gunung kt FB

  3. salam,bro...
    i accidently found this blog...
    keep writing... =P

  4. laaa.. ye ke tim.. hak3.. malu la pulak aku.. muahahaha